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Venue : Bukit Jalil Stadium
Date :Saturday, 15 December 2012
Time :11:00:00
Contact : .,Kuala Lumpur, joined artistes from across Europe on their journey to Malaysia for the Kuala Lumpur International Indian Music Festival (KLIMF). joined artistes from across Europe on their journey to Malaysia for the Kuala Lumpur International Indian Music Festival (KLIMF), the Glastonbury of Tamil music! A first of its kind, the international festival was sponsored by Tourism Malaysia, bringing together Tamil music stars & fans from across the globe.


The festival was split into two stages. The “intro” stage hosted by THR (Radio station), was for independent Tamil music from 12 noon till 6pm, and then the second, the “main stage” from 7pm onwards which attracted over 25,000 people.


Held on Saturday 15th December, fans of Tamil music stood in the blazing Malaysia heat from noon to support up and coming artists on the intro stage,  including UK’s Charles Bosco, Arjun & MC Sai, Germany’s Kadhalviruz & Denmark’s Vasanth, alongside local Singaporean & Malaysian talent.


This was the first trip to Malaysia for many of the artists who were unsure about the response they would receive. Thankfully, over the years their music has been heard through the Internet and via the local radio stations. The artistes engaged with the audience and were cheered on throughout, and the audience even sang along with some of the more popular songs!


Feedback from the artists has been positive with many agreeing that it was an amazing experience and the support they received from the Malaysian fans was unparalleled. Performing in the Malaysia heat was exhausting, but thoroughly worth it. The event also provided artists an important opportunity to network with fellow artists & media.


The main stage was the Yuvan stage. As well as performing on the “Intro stage,” a few up and coming independent artists with hits in Kollywood & the Malaysian Indian charts were invited to open for the celebrated music director. By this point, it was later in the day and the air had cooled down for artists including Singapore’s Kash & Krissy, Malaysia’s Psychomantra, Mc jeez & Psycho.unit, Sri Lanka’s Aryan Dinesh K & Krishan Maheson to perform before the headline act made his appearance.


For the actual Yuvan show, we recommend tuning into Vijay TV. The event featured many exclusives, including a special performance with Kamal Hassan & Yuvan’s father, music maestro Ilayarajaa. Alternatively, you can ruin the experience and search on Youtube for clips!


There have been mixed reviews about the festival, with fans praising the artist’s performance but many concerned about how the event was organised. One thing which is apparent by visiting the KLIMF Facebook page is that many of those who purchased tickets are upset that the famous Tamil actors who were billed to attend didn’t show up, including Dhanush, Simbu, Vishal, Sneha, Jayam Ravi & Arya.


Yuvan Shankar Raja later tweeted, “Many actors couldn’t make it for KLIMF last min cause of their shooting date!


The organisers, Stone Events did manage to bring Karthi, Jeeva & Kamal Hassan, however. We don’t know if KLIMF will return next year, but we hope it does! This was the first year and the organisers have received valuable feedback on how to improve the event. Hopefully they can satisfy those they have disappointed promptly to prevent a backlash for future events. There is, however, no doubt how important an event like KLIMF is to the up and coming artistes and the local/global Tamil music industry.


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