Ilam Puyal audio launch –

The Ilam Puyal audio launch was splendid and rich in terms of language. Yes. Since most of the actors of Ilam Puyal were from Eezham, the hall was filled with chaste Tamizh. Each and every sentence of these actors elicited a huge cheer from the audience.

Chief guest director Ameer also spoke in chaste Tamil. But he had to be cajoled by Ilam Puyal’s director K.S. Durai. First Ameer came to microphone and uttered “Vazhthukkal” and walked away to everyone’s surprise. Then K.S. Durai talked him into delivering his speech. Later, Ameer returned and stated that when he spoke in a function last time, he was completely misinterpreted by reporters which led to a lot of problems; hence he preferred to stay away from the microphone. He also added that he has often been misconstrued by many. But upon director K.S. Durai’s insistence, he spoke his heart out and received a standing ovation from the audience. He also vowed that he will make a film which will reflect the feelings of an “Eezham Tamizhan”.

Thereafter, the songs from Ilam Puyal were screened and were deeply appreciated by the audience.

Prasanna Singh [July 19, 2008, 6:33:12 PM]

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