Ilampuyal in Denmark professor’s direction

K.S.Thurai has endeavoured tp potrai Kaniyan Pungunran’s concept of one community, one almighty on the silver screen.

For 20 years this Tamil immigrant has been in Denmark as a professor.  He has the experience of staging 100 plays.  Having won several awards in world drama festivals among other credits, Durai became a director of films through ‘Pookal. This film is learnt to have run in Denmark theaters for 100 days.

His second film is ‘Ilampuyal’.  He is reported to have produced this film that is the need of the hour for worldwide Tamils in the most entertaining way.

Vasanth is the hero of the film.  He has also acted in the film ‘Pookal’.  Purnitha and Sujibala are the heroines.  Tamil artists also find a place in this film: Karunas for comedy, and Sriman as villain.

The hero of the film Vasanth himself has composed the music for the film.  Tamil film technicians also get a chance to work in the film: Anal Arasu for stunts, and Satish Kurasova for editing.  Durai has taken the responsibility of writing the lyrics besides directing the film.

Having spent a huge sum of money for animating the scenes of destruction by nature’s fury, Durai has made some Somalia people also to act in the film.

The scenes involving Karunas and Sriman were shot in Denmark for 15 days.  After that shooting also took place in Madurai for a month.

Our best wishes for ‘Ilampuyal’ to turn into a storm in Tamilnadu.



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