A director from Denmark

Gone are the days when NRIs were interested only in producing Tamil films. Today, there are quite a few NRIs who are even directing Tamil films. One such person is K.S. Durai, a teacher in Denmark, who is currently directing Ilam Puyal with newcomers Vasanth, Poornitha and Suja in the lead. Durai has earlier directed 100 stage dramas, written 10 novels and has also directed the film Pookal.

Ilam Puyal, produced by Alaigal Movies and foreseeing a world without nations, has been shot extensively in Europe and Africa. The script tells about age-old traditions that have been proved scientifically.

The entire shooting is complete and dubbing is in progress, says the director. Visual effects have been extensively used, he adds. Cinematography is by Kichas and Sasikumar handles the editing. Anal Arasu has come out with some jaw-dropping stunts and Kadhal Kanthas’ choreography will be much admired.

An interesting aspect of the film is that its music is scored by its leading man Vashanth.

Source: www.galatta.com

Suganth [April 2, 2008, 5:01:15 PM]

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