Jeevanea – Hope For Peace

Jeevanea – Hope for peace – Official Music Video
Sung by Tippu,
Music by Vashanth,
Lyrics by Kannan Sithambaranathan,
Mixed & Mastered by Princeten,
Cinematography by Brenly Bernard,
Edited by Vashanth,
Actors: Kabilan, Rathan, Kannan & Vashanth
Produced by AMI & Valvai Echo

At a time when all tears are being shed without an end.
And thoughts sway to a high pinnacle.
We let our tears run toward our hopes for our homeland and people.
While our thoughts wander around the dream of equal rights for our people.

These thoughts, dreams, wishes and sorrows have formed the basis for this song, which we who have composed it, want to dedicate to the martyrs, who offered their lives during the battle for an independent country.

Let us honour those who died, by unanimously standing firm and prove that our dream of a country for our people is very much alive, simply because you stood in the forefront and sacrificed your precious lives for our sake.

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